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Russia River Cruise

Top River Tours

A river cruise is just what it sounds like, a smaller-scale cruise along inland waterways throughout Russia, Europe, China, Egypt, Vietnam and many other locations. Sailing along narrow waterways means stopping at more destinations than you would on a typical ocean cruise, with easier docking and more picturesque shoreline views along the way. River cruises can be a great way to cover a lot of ground in Europe and Asia.

If you prefer to stay closer to home, there are abundant offerings for U.S. river cruises along the Mississippi, Columbia and Snake Rivers in Oregon and Washington, and Alaskan river cruises.

What has propelled the boom in river cruises are the unique cultural, historical and culinary themes offered by many river cruise lines. Some river cruises focus on wine or art from a region, others on cooking or cultural lessons.

Emerald Cruise Line

France River Cruises

Few countries inspire travellers quite like France. It is a land of elegant culture and fine cuisine, set against a dramatic backdrop of rolling countryside, rustic villages and chic cities. It’s no surprise that France has inspired some of Europe’s most famous artists, sculptors, fashion designers and more.

  • Explore Lyon, the culinary capital of France

  • Take a journey through time and visit the ancient walled city of Avignon

  • Explore towns which inspired many of Vincent van Gogh’s finest works

  • Hikes through picturesque vineyards

  • Cheese and wine tastings

France River Cruise 1
France River Cruise 2
France River Cruise 3

Danube River Cruises

The Danube journeys through the very heart of Europe, calling in at some of the world’s most elegant, vibrant and influential cities. Multiple capitals - including Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade – sit along the course of this beautiful waterway, providing Danube river cruise guests with an insight into the history of the continent.

  • Experience the beauty of Budapest, the culture of Vienna and the history of medieval Germany

  • Experience the history and culture of the Danube with EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE excursions

  • Savour the majestic surroundings in absolute luxury as you journey on-board an Emerald Cruises Star-Ship

Danube River Cruise 1
Danube River Cruise 2
Danube River Cruise 3

Douro River Cruises

The Douro weaves through one of Europe’s most striking natural regions. Sun-drenched vineyards, charming villages and historical landmarks pepper the banks of the river, breaking up the sloping fertile lands and providing a rustic backdrop for your river journey.

Before reaching the Atlantic, the Douro splits the ancient city of Porto; a place steeped in the maritime heritage for which Portugal is known. It could be said that Portugal owes its very existence to the river, around which the country was founded thousands of years ago. Our Douro River cruises start and end in this illustrious city, offering a cultural bookend to a journey boasting picturesque surrounds every step of the way.

Douro River Cruises 1
Douro River Cruises 2
Douro River Cruises 3

Main River Cruises

On our Main river cruises, you'll cut a course through the pastoral landscapes of Bavaria, revealing a region laden with Germanic splendour and fascinating heritage. This 237-mile long river connects the Danube to the Rhine, and its banks reveal much about the history of the continent. 

From ancient towns like Miltenberg, Würzburg and Bamberg to fascinating historic sites like Wertheim Castle and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Residenz; the Main ebbs through some of the most enriching destinations of Bavaria, allowing you to uncover Germany’s historic wonders in one seamless journey.

Main River Cruise 1
Main River Cruise 2
Main River Cruise 3

Rhine River Cruises

Discover a world of exciting, charming European cities on our deluxe Rhine river cruises. With age-old castles and medieval towns flanking its river bank, the Rhine showcases the beautiful fairy-tale landscape of western Germany. Experience the history and ancient culture of this country with an Emerald Cruises river cruise, past sweeping countryside and the classic timber houses of the region. 

Travel along the beating heart of the Rhineland, and explore its beautiful settlements. As an important trade route, the banks of the Rhine are home to towns and cities which helped build Germany into the powerhouse of Europe it is today.


An undoubted highlight of a river cruise along the Rhine is journeying through the majestic Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Steep, striking cliff faces are interrupted by winding roads, wine-producing vineyards and charming castles

Rhine River Cruise 1
Rhine River Cruise 2
Rhine River Cruise 3

Rhône River Cruises

Slowly flowing towards the Mediterranean Sea from beautiful old Lyon, the Rhône cuts a serene path through the heart of France. Medieval cities and Roman ruins line the waterway as it journeys south through ancient villages and prosperous towns. Gallic heritage can be experienced on every bend of this beautiful river, from the rustic settlements dotted along the waterway to the acres of wine-producing vineyards.

A slow and relaxed way of life takes hold the further south you journey on our Rhône river cruises, under the watchful gaze of the Mediterranean sun. Long, lazy lunches and midday glasses of wine become the norm in this delightful part of France, giving you plenty of time to take in the beautiful scenery.


The Emerald Liberté has been custom-built for river cruising along the Rhône and Saône; the delightful Sun Deck is the perfect location to watch the stunning backdrop pass by, a glass of a local vintage in hand.

Rhone River Cruise 1
Rhone River Cruise 2
Rhone River Cruise 3

Vietnam, Cambodia & Mekong River Cruises

We invite you to join us on a journey to vibrant and exciting Southeast Asia, a colourful and exotic land just waiting to be explored. At Emerald Cruises, we’ve combined the very best river cruising and touring to take you through the spiritual landscapes of Vietnam and Cambodia in style and comfort.

Full of beautiful landscapes, welcoming people, superb food and poignant history, we ensure you experience the very best of Southeast Asia. Enjoy a journey of discovery as you uncover hidden wonders, and enjoy authentic local experiences.

Our Mekong river cruises combine the luxurious comfort of our Emerald Harmony Star-Ship, with the excitement and adventure associated with the many stunning, beautiful and charming destinations you will visit along the way.

Vietnam, Cambodia & Mekong River Cruises
Vietnam, Cambodia & Mekong River Cruises
Vietnam, Cambodia & Mekong River Cruises

Mississippi River Cruise

Stretching for 2,350 miles down the United States, from Minnesota's Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, our new cruises on the "Mighty Mississippi" offer a different type of cross-country journey for the curious explorer—one that allows you to be immersed in American history and culture.

River Cruise Lines

Viking River Cruise

American Queen Steamboat

American Cruise Lines

Rhone River Cruise 1
Rhone River Cruise 2
Rhone River Cruise 3

Colombia and Snake River

Follow the footsteps of the epic Lewis and Clark Expedition as you cruise the legendary Columbia and Snake Rivers.  Aboard the newest riverboats in the region, you will be amazed by the beautiful and ever-changing landscapes, including the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls and Mount St. Helens. Choose from three Columbia River cruise itineraries that will immerse you in the fascinating history, diverse culture and freshest regional cuisine of the Pacific Northwest.

River Cruise Lines

American Cruise Line

Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise 1
Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise 2
Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise 3

New England and Canadian Cruise

The islands and harbors of New England and Maine are among the most desired summer vacation retreats. From the quaint island villages of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, to the rugged beauty of the Maine coast, we have created captivating small ship cruise itineraries for the most discerning traveler.  Enjoy an authentic lobster bake, indulge in the area's rich maritime history, or be led by our local expert guides to alluring destinations such as Newport's "Avenue of the Mansions," or the scenic mountain tops of Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.

River Cruise Lines

Quark Expedition

Norwegian Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean Cruise


Holland American Line

Rhone River Cruise 1
Rhone River Cruise 2
Rhone River Cruise 3

East Coast and Inter-coastal Waterway River Cruise

European explorers found sanctuary in the bountiful lands of the Southeast centuries ago. Now these tranquil waterways allow American Cruise Lines to provide guests with an exploration of history and natural beauty. Discover Southern charm as we cruise the Intracoastal Waterway or the early American ideal on our Chesapeake Bay Cruise.

River Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines

USA River Cruises

East Coast and Inter-coastal Waterway Ri
East Coast and Inter-coastal Waterway Ri
East Coast and Inter-coastal Waterway Ri

Russia River Cruise

See the swirling onion domes and stout towers of Moscow’s Red Square. Share stories at the kitchen table of an Uglich family. Savor Russian caviar with your blini pancakes. Soak up the steam in a traditional banya in riverside Mandrogy village. Envision Peter the Great luxuriating in massive Peterhof Palace, then see how multiple families shared living space at a Soviet-era kommunalka. From Moscow to St. Petersburg, this 13-day voyage reveals the real Russia as never before.

River Cruise Lines

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruise 1
Viking River Cruise 2
Viking River Cruise

Amazon River Cruise

Embark on a journey to one of the world’s vastly unexplored regions, the mighty Amazon. On Amazon cruises, you'll experience the wilderness where it originates in Peru. The Amazon Basin covers an area larger than Western Europe, but it’s in Peru’s Amazon where biodiversity is at its greatest and the rainforest is untamed. Imagine venturing deep into the Amazon jungle in search of elusive wildlife, taking a swim with pink dolphins, and visiting native communities, all while returning to an air-conditioned suite, hot shower, and an over-sized plush bed

River Cruise Lines

Oceana Cruise

Amazon River Cruise

Rainforest Cruise

Amazon River Cruise 1
Amazon River Cruise 2
Amazon River Cruise 3
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