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Great Places
for Coffee in L.A

Exotic Travel Adventures can take place in special, local environments in a community where we live or visit, not only in far away places. We have listed a few of the very special coffee shops in Los Angeles.

Some Great Places for Coffee in Los Angeles.

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Coffee has become a basic part of the day for many of us, almost as routine as brushing our teeth. People from all over the world enjoy coffee, from morning to evening. Drinking coffee has become increasingly one of the most popular personal and group activities. Coffee stations in the workplace and specialty coffee in a restaurant or cafe make it easy to have a cup of coffee.

With a gold rush in the past decade throughout the country, coffee became a form of black gold. LA has many superlative coffee locations. We mention a few of them here.

LA has had an increasing number of coffee locations, some roasting there own coffee beans.

Visitors and locals alike want to have a great cup of coffee. What does it take for a good coffee shop to become great?

We have taken a sip from some excellent coffee stores in the city and can recommend them as having superior quality coffee beverages.

Copa Vida

Copa Vida, a specialty coffee and a specialty tea house, offers delicious and diverse breakfasts and lunches, now. They also offer for sale many incredible brewing tools and containers. Copa Vida has multiple southern California locations including a coffee shop on Raymond Ave as well as a separate roastery in Pasadena. We understand that, Copa Vida offers single origins selections from the industry coffee leaders such as Ritual Coffee Roasters, Verve Coffee Roasters, and 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

Triniti / Eсhо Pаrk

Though tiny in size, Triniti on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park offers ambiance as well as chef-acclaimed food for breakfast and lunch, with ingredients based on best quality in the market on a given day. A review from “The Spotted Cloth” stated: “The culinary craftsmanship of the curated menu that Triniti has to offer sets this coffee shop apart from all others.” It has a social scene described as “Hipster Chic, Domestic Imports” as well as Toddler Rating of “Easily Forgiven.” Triniti has superlative coffee and other beverages, at times unusual. Many customers enjoy leisurely people watching of passers by out of the windows at Triniti/Echo Park.

Civil Cоffее Highlаnd Pаrk

Civil Coffee, which came from the inspiration of two brothers, Alex and Alan Morales, with long-time knowledge of the coffee industry, offers online shopping or placing an order online for pick up as well as onsite enjoyment of food and beverages. Civil Coffee has elegant decor with an eagle logo, a white and blue color scheme, and high ceilings. A section of the coffee shop, Baristas, offers Coava and Heart Coffee. Civil also offers food from a creative menu between 7 am and 2 pm, with beverages from 7 am to 5 pm.

Le French Rooster

Le French Rooster on W Olive Ave in Burbank, which has Take Out Only, has a menu of exquisite French offerings, all handmade in the French tradition cuisine with fresh products, with hours Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, including a variety of special coffees and other beverages.

G & B Coffee Downtown

This open spaced Grand Central Market stall in Downtown LA named “Glanville and Charles Babinski,” which first opened on May 31, 2013, has hours of business daily. One reviewer stated that they “Ordered a sweet latte for $4.75, which is the best coffee so far in LA for a 6 day trip.” The G&B menu has many traditional and unique coffee and other beverage offerings, including Turmeric Almond Macadamia which the menu describes as warming, restorative when hot and refreshing when cold. Their “Affogato,” made with espresso and ice cream, they describe as the “two greatest things on earth.”

Wооdсаt Coffee Bаr Eсhо Park

You will find this Echo Park neighborhood favorite, started by Janine Awan and her husband Saadat, with a rustic theme towards the north of the lake. It has unique features including reclaimed wood, boxed seats, and red walls. They offer coffee beans roasted by the Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters in San Francisco.

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