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BMW M5 Compitition


Brand New 2020 BMW M5 Competition Sedan

The Ultimate Class, Driving Machine

0-60 in 3.1 Seconds

This car is perfect for photo shoots and films.

3 Days Recommended/required for the trips here: I know which area's are the best to travel to see the most exotic sites within 1 days drive of Las Vegas and with the 3 days you will get 600 Miles, you can take to Grand Canyon, or Zion/Bryce Canyon, Death Valley and many other places around Vegas, if you choose one of these great trips, you will definitely need the 3 days with the 600 miles to cover either of these trips.
Convenient Pick up and Drop off on the heart of the strip.
Make sure to read the FAQs and Extras below to get the most value out of your rental.

A must to bring your working cell phone, which will be tested at pickup and your approved drivers license.
Please make sure you reach out to me via Call or Text as emails often go directly to junk mail. 702-219-4584 ask for Ned. Best to communicate directly with Turo.


---------- WHAT YOU GET ----------

- Aragon Brown Full Merino Leather (amazing design)

- Bluetooth enabled

- USB outlet

- Harmon Kardon Surround Sound with 16 speakers



---------- VEHICLE FEATURES ----------

- Comfortable seating for 5 Adults

- M Performance Exhaust w/aggressive sound

- Very spacious trunk and interior

- Twin Turbo 4.4L V8 Engine (617hp & 553lb-ft torque) with up to 25.9PSI

- Full Carbon Fiber delivers maximum aerodynamics

- Comfort doesn't take a backseat to performance

----------- REFUELING POLICY -----------

The M5 is delivered with a full tank of gas. Refuel the vehicle before you return with 91 Premium gas and take a picture of your receipt and upload to the app or text to me. If you are unable to refuel, a charge of $10 convenience fee will be added on top of the refueling charges.


---------- VEHICLE INSPECTION ----------

Upon delivery, inspect the vehicle for damages and take photos. I will let you know of any scratches or dents on the vehicle. I will always upload my own photos of the vehicle as well, which you can view too.




1.) Go to the “Trip Details Tab”

2.) Click “Modify Trip”

3.) Change time, date, or location

4.) Wait for me to approve the change

NOTE: As long as my vehicle is available, I will always approve the request.


----------- RULES & POLICIES -----------

- No street racing, burnouts or donuts (BMW GPS tracking enabled)

- No excessive dirt or off roading (up to $250 fee)

- Premium gas only (91)

- Lost key (up to $350 to replace)


---------- CONTACT & FAQS ----------

If you have any other questions or concerns you can call me at 702-219-4584


---------- BONUS ---------------

For renting the 2020 BMW M5 Competition, you will be gifted a book by the author Ned Cruey called "Exotic Travel Adventures", which has many great stories and adventures about the 154 countries he has traveled.

Rentable on Turo

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