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Keywords 2020: The Virus, The Riots




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In March 2020, President Trump announced a temporary national business shutdown for two weeks while the country geared up to fight the virus. The national business shutdown turned into three months. I shouted to all who would listen


NEVER Close the Businesses

Think about the missed surgeries, job loss, bankruptcies, suicides, drug overdoses, domestic abuse, evictions, people becoming homeless, and general increase in world poverty.


Sweden kept its businesses open. They had a COVID-19 death rate no higher than ours while all businesses stayed open.

Likely any president would have succumbed under pressure to do a business closure. Nobody wants to take the blame for 2 to 20 million deaths as president. We feel puzzled about the changing positions of some scientists, initially saying that we do not need masks and that summer heat will end the pandemic. Others called hydroxychloroquine dangerous. In Uganda, large numbers of people take hydroxychloroquine for malaria prophylaxis. Between 31-70 people have died (Depending on your definition on how you count it) in the whole nation of Uganda from COVID-19.


Politicization anybody? I agree with medical recommendations for keeping the immune system strong in an otherwise healthy person. Hydrate well, get a full night’s sleep, eat three well balanced meals daily, and get some regular physical activity.


Now during the pandemic, we mask up in business buildings and elevators, maintain social distance, wash our hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer.


We hear about vaccines for COVID-19 rushed to market. We hope the vaccines will provide immunity as promised.


I live in Las Vegas, a city that always has something going on. At the end of the most boring April and the cancellation of the World Series of Poker, I decided to hit the road, take pictures of how things have gone for the country during COVID, and write a book.


On my trip making a pictorial history of the country under COVID quarantine, race riots broke out, starting in Minneapolis, costing America at least a billion dollars.


I decided to split my book into two parts, COVID and Race Riots.

Please enjoy my new book “keywords 2020”. Make sure to read my first book, “Exotic Travel Adventures.” You can buy both books on my website:, my Amazon Lite-type website.


The Virus

The Riots

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